$15 General Admission

Doors at 7:30pm.

Show from 8:15-10:30pm with one intermission

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Nikki Nash: Unique Uplifting Old Timey Down Home Knee Slapping Toe Tapping Family Friendly Fun done in a fresh new way! Inspirational Positive Roots Music transcending genres of Americana Country Folk with a little Bluegrass & Blues flavors! First signed by Chess Records when she was 14. Well seasoned animal lovin' vegan! http://www.nikkinashmusic.com

  1. Leigh Stone ~ Is A Real Rock'r Girl ~ A Writer/Singer/Left-Handed/ Upside-Down/inverting chords Guitar Slinger, hailing orig from NYC to play her eclectic mix of rock/pop/alt cntry-folk rock-blues from the rainforests of Australia, to the hills above Loch Ness, SF to Los Angeles. J. Leigh's unique style of playing came out of necessity: At 10 yrs old, she was kickedoutta guitar school for holding the guitar 'wrong'. Luckily, she didn't see that as cause to stop. Some musical tastes came from her dad and her famous Uncle Paul Himmelstein & his band The Heartbreakers (see below) J. Leigh has opened for Clarence Clemons, QuaranPalooza, & various other known acts. What matters most to J.? "Seeing people dance to my music! The rest is gravy!" When not singing or @the beach, J. saves wolves & as many other animals as I can. http://www.jleighstone.com

Ants Fujinaga: Invents and plays tragicomic songs replete with scientific and literary references, Balkan, Renaissance, Celtic and other elements, unusual rhythms (e.g. 5, 7, 9, 11, 13) and ornate vocals, tackling topics from social awkwardness, noisy neighbours, the digestive system and human reproduction to toad rescue, nocturnal chronotypes, annoying morning road work and the starch apocalypse. https://bardpower.com/

Anna Troy: a mix of original blues and soulful covers. She moved from NYC to the Bay Area in 2021 last year after completing a music degree at Columbia University. She’s opened for a variety of international artists including The Yardbirds, Johnny Winter and America. She played guitar with the Columbia jazz ensemble at Symphony Space, fronted her blues band at B.B. Kings and opened for her sister Lindsey’s band, Deap Vally at the, Mercury Lounge. Prior to attending Columbia, she spent many years as an independent artist in Southern California and released two self-produced albums that were both nominated for San Diego Music Awards. All of this was preempted by her experiences as a teenager signed to Elektra Records with her younger sister as punk pop duo, The Troys. www.annatroy.com

Recommended If You Like: Nikki Nash - Stevie Nicks, Grace Slick, Brenda Lee J. Leigh Stone - Cyndi Lauper, the Dixie Chicks, Lucinda Williams Ants Fujinaga - Tom Lehrer, Jethro Tull, Jake Thackray Anna Troy - Bonnie Raitt, Amy Winehouse, Susan Tedeschi Vaccines, boosters, and masks are strongly encouraged, but are not required as per local Public Health Policy.